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Drag and drop a video file to start. (max 2GB)

Output file size:
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Not sure about best size? Try Automated Compression:
Have a too large video for uploading to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok or for sending via Email?
You can easily use this online video compressor and reduce video size without losing much quality FOR FREE.
Maximun supported file size is 2GB.
Why we built redpandacompress.com?

Although videos are a primary source of information for most people, many individuals are still unfamiliar with the fundamentals of how videos are encoded and transmitted. As a result, video compression can be a challenging task. Determining the appropriate parameters for compressing videos, such as video codec, bitrate, container format, pixel format, profile, and crf, can be quite difficult. While there are many professional tools available for video compression, they are often either non-free or not easily accessible. These tools may require users to upload large files or download desktop software, rather than providing simple online access. To address this issue and make video compression more accessible and free for everyone, redpandacompress.com, a free online video compressor was developed.
Supports the following formats:
mp4, webm, mov, wmv, mkv, avi
Compressed Video will be in mp4 format.
How to use:
Step1: Click on "Select file" or drag and drop a file directly onto the boxed area.
Step2: Choose desired output file size.
Step3: Click on the "Start Compression" button and download via "Download" button after it is done.